Refund Policy
Last Updated on November, 2017
If you take action on the system I truly believe it will work for you, like it has worked for me and so many others. Which is why I’m willing to back it up with a 30 day refund guarantee.

HOWEVER… I will ask to see that you did indeed complete the work. You must have gone through the entire course and put in the effort. I will not honor refund requests about you “changing your mind” or “it’s not for me” or “I don’t have time.” If you are not 100% committed and serious about your/this business, don’t buy the product. You should only buy the product if you are 100% committed to doing the work and taking action!

I stand behind my products and my brand and I pride myself in running an honest and transparent business. If you put in the work and it legitimately doesn’t work for you I will refund you. 

REfund policy for payment plans

The same policy above applies for payment plans, even if your plan extends beyond 30 days. you have 30 days to start a claim for a refund and provide proof of work and course completion. No refund requests will be honored beyond the 30 days. 

Missed Payments

By purchasing you are agreeing to complete ALL payments in full. this is not something you can change your mind on or decide to cancel. You must complete all payments in their entirety. If you miss a payment you will be removed from the course and will not be given a refund for any previous payments and will be blocked from purchasing from Paul james in the future.

any questions for refund requests can be submitted to: HTTP://IAMPAULJAMES.ZENDESK.COM

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